TWRP LG Stylo 3 Plus Custom Recovery Flashing Tutorial – MetroPCS / T-Mobile

STEP 3: Booting into TWRP and flashing file

As our phone is in the fastboot mode, we’ve to remove the battery to turn it off.


Now place the battery back in its slot put the battery door and get ready to boot the phone into recovery mode.

To enter recovery mode –

Press the Volume down + Power Button.

As soon as the LG logo appears on the screen, release the power key and hold it again until you’re at the white “Factory data Reset” screen. In the whole process don’t release the volume down key.

We are now into the recovery mode as shown below.



In recovery mode, touch doesn’t work. We’ve to move Up & Down with “Volume keys” and confirm the selection with the “Power key”.

Press Volume down key to move from “No(Exit)” to “Yes”, now Press Power key to confirm.

Again move down with the Volume down button to “Yes” and confirm the action with Power Button.

With the stock recovery by doing this action the phone would do a Factory Data Reset erasing all your data and settings.

However, as we’ve flashed TWRP custom recovery we would land to TWRP screen.


“Press the Power key to continue”

We have got access to the team win recovery project i.e TWRP.


Tap “cancel” and swipe the bar towards the right.

The System partition would remain read-only and will be replaced with stock recovery on next boot unless we flash file



Before flashing the no-verity file we’ve to wipe the internal storage

Click on “Wipe” and then “Format Data”

Type yes and hit the “tick” mark to confirm action as shown above.

Now hit the back button until you’re on the first page of TWRP as shown above.


Just stay on the TWRP main page and connect your phone to PC via USB data cable

Let the driver install on its own.

It shows a different phone model as the TWRP is written for LG LSMS550.

As the MTP driver is installed we’re ready to transfer the file to our phone’s internal memory.

Send the downloaded file to LGMS550 as shown above.

Now hit “Install” on your TWRP screen

Tap on the copied file &  flash it by swiping the bar towards the right.


At this stage, we can either Root or install a Custom ROM on the Stylo 3 Plus.

Follow the next tutorial to Root your LG Stylo 3 Plus in one click now that you’ve successfully flashed the custom recovery (TWRP).

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