LG Stylo 4 / 5 Fortnite – Can LG Stylo 4 & 5 Play Fortnite?

There are 4 different variants of Stylo 4 & 5 which are Stylo 4, Stylo 4 Plus, Stylo 5 & Stylo 5 Plus. Even though the RAM varies between them (2GB & 3GB), they share the same processor i.e Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.8 GHz Octa-Core Processor. (Except for Sprint/Boost Mobile variant which uses a 1.5 GHz Octa-Core Mediatek Processor).

The minimum recommended Android System requirements for Fortnite are 64-bit OS, Android Oreo (or higher) & 4GB RAM.

Out of the 3 requirements, Stylo 4 & 5 are unable to fulfill 2 of these. They do have Android Oreo (Stylo 4) & Pie (Stylo 5), but the maximum RAM in any of the Stylo 4 / 5 variant is 3 GB only. Moreover, they all have a 32-bit kernel architecture (ARMv7l). So, the chances are bleak that Fortnite would work on Stylo 4 / 4 Plus / Stylo 5 or Stylo 5 Plus.

Still, Let’s check out if we can play Fortnite on Stylo 4 / 5 or not.

Can LG Stylo 4 & Stylo 5 Play Fortnite?

Let’s try to download and install the Fortnite app on LG Stylo 4 / 5.


I’ve used the Chrome browser to download the apk file from the official Fortnite website i.e epicgames.com


After downloading the installer file, Let’s install it.

As it’s a 3rd party app we’ve to give permission to install apps from unknown sources using the chrome browser.


As expected, LG Stylo 4  & Stylo 5 are not compatible with Fortnite. At least the official version is incompatible. Let’s try to install the modded Fortnite apk.



LG Stylo 4 / 5 Fortnite Modded apk Installation

I got this modded Fortnite apk file from xda forums. The minimum Android system requirements for the modded version is – ARM64 device (arm64-v8a) with Open GL 3 and above.


Unfortunately, Stylo 4 & 5  have armv7l kernel architecture as visible in the screenshot above. This is a 32-bit architecture and thus makes Stylo 4 / 5 incompatible with the modded version of Fortnite as well.

I was not even able to install this modded apk file.  It simply says “App not Installed” as shown in the above video.

The OpenGL version is 3.2 but it won’t matter as we cannot root and install a  64-bit Lineage OS Custom ROM on Stylo 4 or 5. Both the Stylo variants have a locked bootloader with no way to unlock it as of now. Thus, no chance of rooting or installing a Custom ROM.

On LG K20 Plus, I was able to install the modded Fortnite app using Lineage OS custom ROM (64-bit), but it failed in the Graphics department. The OpenGL version on K20 Plus is 2.1


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