LG Stylo 3 Plus USB / ADB Drivers MP450 & TP450 – Installation Tutorial

In this post, we’re going to download and install the latest Windows 10 (& MAC) drivers for LG Stylo 3 Plus MetroPCS MP450 & T-Mobile TP450.

While using the LG Stylo 3 Plus, every now and then we need to connect it to the computer and driver installation is necessary for various modes of USB connection.

We need to install LG MTP drivers for file transfer between phone & PC, LG ADB drivers for Fastboot Mode & LG Serial Port Driver for doing a Firmware update in the Download Mode.

First of all, we’re going to install the latest LG Mobile Driver using the setup file on our computer. You can download the file from the below link –


For Mac (LG Mobile Driver v5.4) follow the below Link –


Click on the Setup file “LGMobileDriver_WHQL_Ver_4.2.0.exe” to start the USB driver installation.


We’ve to complete the InstallShield wizard by following step by step instructions as shown above.

Wait for the installation to complete.

The driver has installed successfully.

Now we’re ready to connect our LG Stylo 3 Plus to the computer.


In this post, we’re going to install LG Stylo 3 drivers for 3 different modes of USB connection which are –

  1. ADB Driver installation when connected in Fastboot Mode 
  2. USB Modem & Serial Port Driver Installation when connected in Download Mode
  3. MTP Driver installation when Stylo 3 is connected in File Transfer mode 


Let’s start with the installation of the ADB Interface Driver. Many users face issues while installing this driver.


1. LG Stylo 3 Plus ADB Interface Driver Installation for Fastboot Mode

First of all, we are going to Enable the Developer Options which is hidden by default.

Go to Settings < About Phone < Build Number

Tap 7 times on Build Number to unhide “Developer Options”

Now go 2 steps back.  Above “About Phone” you’ll find “Developer Options”.

Open “Developer Options”. Now scroll down and look for USB Debugging.

Turn it ON by accepting the warning pop-up.

Now connect your Stylo 3 Plus to the computer.


The USB connection mode can be set to “Charging” or “File Transfer”

Wait for the ADB Interface driver to install on its own.

LGE Mobile ADB Interface driver is installed successfully.

Download and install the “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” program on your computer.


As the name suggests, this program eliminates the need to download the whole Android SDK package to connect the phone in ADB mode.  Thanks to shimp208@xda for creating this awesome software.

Run the Minimal ADB and Fastboot program. It would launch the cmd command prompt window.

If LG Stylo 3 Plus ADB Interface driver is not installed successfully we cannot write any command in the cmd  window. It would display a message “waiting for device”


Type adb devices and hit Enter on your computer keyboard

You can see our phone model is detected as LGMP450 under the “List of devices attached”

However, you can notice the connected device is “unauthorized”

If at this point, you’ll look at your phone screen there must be a pop-up asking for authorization to Allow USB Debugging.

Tap “OK” to Allow USB Debugging.

Now again type adb devices and hit Enter

Now, the computer is authorized and we can write commands to boot the phone into fastboot mode.

To enter fastboot, type adb reboot bootloader and hit Enter

Your Stylo 3 Plus must be now in Fastboot Mode a shown above.

Once again we’ve to install the ADB Interface Driver in the fastboot mode.

Wait for the driver to install.

You can see in Device Manager, the driver installation has failed.

If the same is the case with you, then follow the below steps to manually install the ADB Interface Driver.

Open Device Manager.

Under “Other Devices” you’ll find “Android” with an exclamation mark

Right Click on it and select “Update Driver Software”

Now tap on “Browse my computer for driver software”


Click on “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”


You can see “ADB Interface” under the list of hardware devices, select it and click “Next”

Now select the Manufacturer i.e Google or Samsung

Even if we install the ADB interface driver from Samsung it would work.

I’ve selected Google Inc as shown above.

Under “Model” select “LGE Mobile Sooner Single ADB Interface” and click Next.

Accept the installation warning by tapping on “Yes”

The driver installation is successful.

The ADB Interface driver is now visible in the “Device Manager”.

Now we’re ready to unlock the LG Stylo 3 Plus Bootloader.

2. LG Stylo 3 Plus USB Modem & Serial Port Driver for Download Mode


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