LG Stylo 3 Plus FRP Bypass Google Account mp450 2020 2021

Step 5: Force Stopping Setup Wizard process and launching Setup Wizard via Shortcut Master Lite

Now we’re going to “Force Stop” the Setup Wizard process by going to “Apps” as shown above.

On the “Apps”  page hit the “3 dots” icon at the top right corner and select “Show System”

Now scroll down towards the bottom of the page and locate “Setup Wizard”.

There are 2 setup Wizard processes one in Blue and the other one in Green. We’ve to “Force Stop” both of these.

Tap on Blue “Setup Wizard and “Force Stop” as shown above.

Now do the same with the green Setup Wizard process.


Once done, initiate the sidebar app by sliding in your finger from the left edge of the screen.

Launch Shortcut Master Lite app by tapping on the shortcut as shown above.

Now in Shortcut Master Lite, hit the “3 dots” icon on the top right corner.

Select  “search”  from the drop-down menu

In the search bar type setup wizard and hit “Search”.

Select the first Setup Wizard result and then tap on”Launch”.

This would take us to the Welcome screen of the setup wizard.

Move ahead until you’re on the “Set Internet Connection” page.

Step 6: Crashing the Setup Wizard to Bypass Google Account thus getting access to the Home screen.

When you’re on the “Set Internet Connection Page”, Turn OFF the Wifi, and click “NEXT”

Skip the No Internet warning by hitting on “SKIP ANYWAY”

An error message would pop-up “Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped.” and it’ll again take you to the welcome screen of the setup wizard.

As we Force Closed the Setup wizard it’s showing this error.

Now, to get past this Setup Wizard or to bypass the Google account we’ve to crash the Setup Wizard. The next step is the most crucial step and when done correctly we would land to the Homescreen bypassing Google’s Factory reset protection.

So, go 2 steps ahead till you’re on the “Set Internet Connection” Page.


crash setup wizard to bypass google account on stylo 3 plus

Click NEXT, so that the “No Internet” pop-up appears.

Now, notice the 2 arrows in red in the screenshot above. Mark these 2 positions. We’ve to repeatedly click on these points to crash the setup wizard.

As soon as you’ll click on “SKIP ANYWAY”, you’ve to very quickly and repeatedly click on “NEXT” and “Backward Arrow” as visible in the screenshot above.



In a few tries, you’ll get a hang of it.

If done correctly, it would crash the setup wizard and this time the forward arrow will directly take you to the Home Screen thus bypassing the Google Account.



Once you’re on the home screen, it’s better to perform a factory data reset.

So, click on the settings icon. Scroll down to “Backup & reset”.

Look for “Factory data reset” at the bottom of the page.

Now click on “RESET PHONE”, “Delete all” & Finally “RESET” a shown above.

Wait for the phone to reboot. This time you can complete the Setup Wizard without any hindrance.


If you’re stuck at some point feel free to raise a query via the comment section below.


16 thoughts on “LG Stylo 3 Plus FRP Bypass Google Account mp450 2020 2021

    • I had the same issue. What I had to do was open a outlook mail account and it worked with that. Make sure your outlook mail is completely set up and you’ve opened it up to the inbox.

  1. I’m having the same issue as Amy. Not sure if it’s because I had to start a Yahoo account to move forward and there are settings I need to change in Yahoo account

  2. I can’t get pass yahoo after i add my yahoo e mail I tap sign in and even my pass and it jist continues to load. There’s a white square comes up says close how do I fix this problem?

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