LG Stylo 3 Plus Download Mode & Recovery Mode MP450 / TP450

The 2 most significant modes of troubleshooting on LG Stylo 3 Plus are Recovery Mode & Download Mode.

As the name suggests, recovery mode is useful is recovering our Stylo 3 Plus if acting abnormally or not booting at all. Recovery Mode is a separate partition so even if the phone is not booting to the Home screen we can still access the recovery mode. We can perform factory data reset / hard reset via recovery mode.

Download Mode offers a higher level of troubleshooting as compared to recovery mode. In recovery mode, we can only perform a factory data reset. However, if the problem is severe and boot partition is affected then download mode comes to rescue. Download Mode can be used to flash a stock Stylo 3 Plus firmware to restore the boot partition thus unbricking the phone to working state.

Let’s check out how to get the most out of these modes of troubleshooting –


How to boot LG Stylo 3 Plus MP450 & TP450 into Download Mode

Before booting our Stylo 3 Plus into Download mode, we need to install LG USB Driver on our computer. If you’ve not yet installed the LG driver download the setup file from the below link –


Click on the downloaded exe file i.e “LGMobileDriver_WHQL_Ver_4.2.0.exe” to run the setup wizard.

Complete the driver installation by following the InstallShield wizard as shown above.

Once the driver installation is complete we’re ready to connect the phone to PC in Download Mode.

To Enter Download mode –

Power OFF your Stylo 3 Plus

Connect one end of a USB data cable to your phone. Now press the Volume UP key as shown above

Keep the Volume UP button pressed and connect the other end of the USB data cable to the computer.

Your Stylo 3 Plus must be now in the Download Mode.

Download Mode is the black Firmware Update screen as shown above.

Its shows the firmware update process while flashing a stock firmware in Download Mode.

As soon as you boot into download mode the driver installation will initiate on its own.

Wait for the driver installation to complete.

Notice the driver installation.

LGE AndroidNet USB Modem & LGE AndroidNet Serial Port driver is needed for flashing a stock ROM.

Now we’re ready to restore a bricked LG Stylo 3 Plus MP450 / TP450.

How to boot LG Stylo 3 Plus MP450 & TP450 into Recovery Mode

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