LG Stylo 3 Plus Bootloader Unlock Tutorial – MetroPCS MP450/T-Mobile TP450

Nowadays only a few of the carriers allow unlocking the bootloader and MetroPCS/T-Mobile is one of them.

Bootloader unlocking makes the rooting process easier and in turn, it lets us install various custom ROMs thus making the phone more useful. As Stylo 3 Plus belongs to MetroPCS/T-Mobile, the bootloader can be unlocked quite easily.

Let’s check out the process of unlocking the bootloader on Stylo 3 with the help of the following screenshots –

How to Unlock LG Stylo 3 Plus Bootloader MetroPCS MP450 / T-Mobile TP450

NOTE: Make sure to backup your phone data before unlocking the bootloader as it wipes the internal storage.


Step 1 – Turning ON USB Debugging within the Developer Options



Open Settings, and tap on the General Tab (If in Grid view)

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “About Phone”

Now hit on “Software Info” to open it

On the “Software Info” page we’ve to click “Build Number” 7 times to enable developer options.


Once done, a pop-up would appear saying “You are now a developer!”.

Go 2 steps back, you can see above “About phone” a new option is visible i.e “Developer Options”.

Open Developer Options and Turn ON USB Debugging as shown above.

Now tap on “Enable OEM Unlock” and accept the warning pop-up to Allow OEM unlocking.

By turning ON OEM unlock, Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) gets disabled.

Now that we’ve enabled USB Debugging & OEM unlock we’re ready to connect our phone to PC for the installation of ADB Interface Driver.

Step 2: Installing ADB Interface Driver & Authorising the PC for USB Debugging

Connect your Stylo 3 Plus to the PC via USB Data Cable.

The USB Connection mode should be set as “Charging” or “File Transfer”.

Wait for the ADB Driver Installation to finish.

If the driver fails to install on its own, we’ve to install it manually.

Follow this tutorial for manual ADB driver installation.

Now that we’ve installed the ADB driver on our PC, we’ve to authorize our PC for USB Debugging

We’re going to use a simple program called “Minimal ADB & Fastboot” to write ADB command for bootloader unlocking.

You can download “Minimal ADB & Fastboot” from the below download link –


Install Minimal ADB & Fastboot program on your computer and run it.

It would launch the cmd command prompt window.

Now in cmd window, type adb devices as shown above and hit “Enter” key on your computer keyboard.


As soon as you would click “Enter”, a pop-up would appear on your phone screen asking permission to “Allow USB Debugging”

Tap “OK” to approve it.

You can see the connected phone is detected as LGMP450 but it’s “unauthorized”.

As we gave permission in the previous step to Allow USB Debugging, this time the adb devices command will show it as “authorized”

So again type adb devices and hit Enter.

Now we’ve successfully connected our Stylo 3 Plus LGMP450 in ADB mode and we’re ready to boot into Fastboot Mode for Bootloader Unlocking.

Step 3: Booting the Phone into Fastboot Mode & Installing Fastboot Driver

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