LG Solo LTE FRP Bypass Google Account Verification – 2020 – L423DL

The 2 latest LG budget smartphones from Tracfone / Straight Talk are Solo & Journey.  LG Solo is nothing but the stripped-down version of K40.

In this post, we are going to learn how to bypass FRP / Google Verification on LG Solo using the easiest method without a computer. This method doesn’t involve any apk installation & will hardly take 15 minutes to hack the Google lock.

LG Solo LTE FRP Bypass

Since Android Lollipop, Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is added to all Android smartphones. The above screenshot shows the Google Verification Screen. It asks us to sign in with the last synced Google account on this particular device.

There is an easy hack to bypass this screen. As a first step, go all the way back to the first screen of the setup wizard which says “Welcome”.

So, without wasting any time, let’s proceed with the Tutorial –


How to Bypass Google Verification on LG Solo LTE without Computer – L423DL

LG L423DL FRP Bypass

From the Google Verification Screen, we came back to the first screen of the Setup Wizard as shown above.

Look for “Accessibility” located above the forward arrow & open it.

Confirm your action, by tapping “SETTINGS” when the Accessibility pop-up appears. Refer to the 2nd screenshot above.


How to bypass Google verification on LG Solo LTE

Now we are on the Accessibility Settings Page.

Select the last option, “Switch Access”.

We are on the Switch Access Page. Tap “SETTINGS” at the bottom-right corner.


LG Solo Google Bypass

On the “Switch Access Settings” page, select the first option “Help & Feedback”.

On the Help page, again select the first option i.e. “About Switch Access for Android”.

LG Solo Bypass Google Account

On the next page, you’ll find a Youtube video about “How Switch Access Works”.

Tap on the Youtube Video. A Menu Icon with 3 dots would appear at the top-right corner. Click on it.

Now select the “Share” option.

How to bypass Google Lock on LG Solo

Again hit the 3 dots icon and it’ll take us the Youtube App.

You’ll find a “Share” option below the video, click on it.


LG Solo FRP Bypass without computer

Select “Email” as the sharing medium among the listed options.

Allow access to the email app by tapping “ALLOW”.

LG Solo FRP Bypass without PC

Repeat the procedure once again.

Select “Share” and then “EMAIL” as shown above.

FRP Bypass LG Solo

Select “Other” as the Email provider.

Add an email id in the Email Address Field. This will enable the “MANUAL SETUP” option.

LG Solo FRP Bypass 2020

Select “MANUAL SETUP” and choose the account type as “Microsoft Exchange”. Now click “NEXT”.

LG L423DL Google Bypass

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

We’ve to add a Client Certificate. Click “Add” as shown above.

The Client Certificate can be added only after adding a screen lock pin, pattern or password.

Tap “CHANGE” to add a secure screen lock.

FRP Bypass LG L423DL

Add any Screen lock and note it down. It can be a Pattern, PIN or Password.

How to bypass Google Account on LG Solo LTE

I’ve set a 4 digit PIN as the screen lock.

LG Solo Tracfone FRP Bypass

After adding the screen lock, we are on the Fingerprint Setup Page. But there is no need to add a fingerprint.

Just restart your LG Solo using the Power Button.

Long-Press the Power key and select “Power off and restart” to reboot your phone.

LG Sol Straight Talk FRP Bypass

Once again the phone is on the Welcome Screen.

Tap the “Forward Arrow”.


LGL423DL FRP Bypass

Select “Don’t Copy”.

Now enter your screen lock PIN, pattern or password which we set in the earlier step.


Bypass Google Account LG Solo

Now we are the Google Sign in Page. The good news is that there is a “Skip” option. No need to add a Google Account.

However, if you wish you can add any Google account. There is no need to add the last synced Google account.

Again tap the “Skip” option when the pop-up appears.


LG Solo FRP Bypass apk

Now accept the Google services terms and conditions.


LG Solo Google Lock Bypass

Select “I Agree” on the Legal Documents page as shown above.

Finally, tap DONE to bypass the Google Account on LG Solo.


LG Solo Google Lock Removal

We are now on the LG Solo home screen. We’ve successfully bypassed Google Verification on LG Solo using the quickest method without using a computer.


If you’ve any queries regarding the LG Solo smartphone, please leave a comment below.


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