LG Phoenix Plus FRP Bypass / Google Account – lmx410as – 2020

We can bypass the Google lock/verification screen on LG Phoenix Plus without using a computer in less than 15 minutes using this latest and the easiest FRP Bypass method. It even doesn’t involve any kind of app installation.

Just follow the step by step tutorial with screenshots and get past the Google Lock screen in no time –


LG Lmx410as frp bypass

The above Google Verification Lock Screen is a security measure similar to Apple’s iCloud lock. The only difference is that Google’s lock is quite easy to break-in.

This sign-in screen shows up only when you reset your LG Phoenix plus using the volume down and power button via the Recovery mode.

To bypass this screen, as a first step go back to the Welcome screen of the setup wizard.

How to Bypass Google Verification on LG Phoenix Plus AT&T LM-X410AS

lg phoenix plus frp bypass

The above screen is the Welcome Screen of the Setup Wizard.

There are 2 options,  Language Selection i.e “English (United States) & “Accessibility”.

Tap “Accessibility” and then “SETTINGS” as shown above.

Now we are on the “Accessibility” settings page.

Select the 2nd last option i.e “Switch Access”.

lg phoenix plus google bypass

On the Switch Access page hit “SETTINGS” located at the bottom-right corner

Now choose the first option which is “Help & feedback”.

On the next “Support” page, again select the first option “About Switch Access for Android”.

lg phoenix plus bypass google account

Here we have a Youtube video on “How Switch Access Works”.

Tap on the video window.

A “3 dots” icon must be visible now on the top-right corner. Hit this icon.

Now we can see “Watch later” and “Share” on screen.

Hit the “Share” icon.

how to bypass google verification on lg phoenix plus

Now tap the “3 dots” icon as visible in the first screenshot above.

After doing this, we are on the Youtube App.

Again we’ve to select the “Share” icon located below the video.

Among the list of sharing options, we’ve to choose “Email”.  Tap Email to proceed further.

lg lmx410as google bypass

Accept the Email app permission request by tapping “ALLOW”

Once again select the “Share” option.


how to bypass google lock on lg phoenix plus

Select “Email” one more time.

Now we have to select the Email provider. Choose the “Other” option.

The first option on this page is “EMAIL ADDRESS”.

Enter any email address in this field.


lg phoenix plus frp bypass without computer

Select “MANUAL SETUP” and choose the account type as “Microsoft Exchange”. Hit “NEXT” to proceed further.

We are now on the Server settings page. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and look for “Client Certificate”.

lg phoenix frp bypass without pc

Tap “Add” to add a client certificate.

A pop-up says, “To use credential storage, change to a secure screen lock first,”. Click “CHANGE” to add a screen lock.

We can set a pattern, PIN or password as the screen lock. Just remember it as we’ll need it later.

I’ve selected the PIN option.

lg phoenix plus frp bypass 2019 2020

Let’s set an easy to remember PIN lock.

frp bypass lg phoenix plus

Now we are on the Fingerprint setup page. No need to add a fingerprint as of now.

At this stage, we have to reset our LG Phoenix Plus.

Long-Press the power button. Now select “Power off and restart”.

Confirm your action by tapping ‘RESTART”.

Wait for the phone to boot again.


bypass google account lg phoenix plus

Once again we are on the Welcome Screen.

Hit the “Forward arrow” to move ahead.

Choose “Set up as new” and enter the screen lock PIN, pattern or password you just set earlier.


lg lm-x410as frp bypass

Now we are on the Google account sign-in page.

At this point in time, we can add any google account, no necessarily the last synced Google account.

Or else you can just skip this step by hitting the “Skip” option located at the bottom-left corner.

A pop-up appears to confirm your action. Again tap “skip” to proceed further.

Now the next steps are self-explanatory.  Just follow the on-screen prompts to keep moving further.

Tap “NEXT” to move ahead.

lg phoenix plus at&t frp bypass

Skip the Fingerprint setup and Accept the Google Services terms and conditions as shown above.

how to bypass google account on lg phoenix plus

When asked to “Add Account”, select “CANCEL” as shown above.

Now we are on the Legal Documents Page.

We need to tick the checkbox which says “I agree”.

Finally, tap “Done” to land on the Phoenix Plus Home Screen thus bypassing the Google Account.

lg phoenix plus frp bypass apk

Now that we have bypassed the Google account, we can set a new screen lock. You can use the earlier lock as well. It’s up to you.

To change the screen lock. Pull down the notification bar and select the “Settings icon” at the top-right corner.

Select the “General Tab” and choose “Lock screen & security”.



lg phoenix plus google locked

Tap “Select screen lock” and enter the screen lock PIN, pattern or password we set earlier.

Now choose among the listed screen lock options which are None, Swipe, Pattern, PIN, Password, Fingerprint & Face Unlock.


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