LG LML212VL FRP Bypass Google Account 2019 2020 No PC LG Rebel 4

LG Rebel 4 came out in 2018 with Android Nougat 7.1. The FRP Bypass method for Android Nougat was quite tedious. Since long it’s updated to Android Oreo 8.1.0. Rebel 4 Android Oreo Google Bypass Hack hardly takes 15 minutes.

In this tutorial, we would learn how to bypass Google Verification on LG Rebel 4 lml212vl and lml211bl using the latest and easiest method without using a computer.

lg lml212vl frp bypass

You must be stuck on the above Google Verification Screen on your Rebel 4. We’ve to bypass this screen and land to the Rebel 4 Home Screen.


So, Lets’ proceed with the tutorial –

First of all, go back from the Google Verification screen to the very first “Welcome” Screen.

How to Bypass Google Verification on LG Rebel 4 without a computer – lml212vl / lml211bl

lg rebel 4 frp bypass 2019 2020

This is the first screen of the Setup Wizard which says “Welcome”.

We have to open the Accessibility Settings.  Tap “Accessibility” and then “Settings” as shown above.



lg rebel 4 google bypass

When you’re on the Accessibility Settings Page, Select “Switch Access” which is the last option.

The “Switch Access” has a “SETTINGS” option at the bottom-right corner. Click it to open.

On the “Switch Access Settings” page, tap the first option “Help & Feedback”.

lg rebel 4 bypass google account

Again select the first option on the “Help” page – “About Switch Access for Android”.

On the next page, you’ll find a youtube video on Switch Access, Tap on the video screen.

A “3 dots” menu has appeared on the top-right corner. Click on it.

how to bypass google verification on lg rebel 4

Now choose, “Share” and then again click the “3 dots” icon as shown above.

This gives access to the Youtube App.

In the youtube app, below the video, tap the “Share” icon.

frp bypass lg rebel 4

Among the sharing options, Choose “Email”.

Give access to the email app by tapping “ALLOW”.

Repeat the previous steps –

Select “Share” and then “Email”.

lg lml211bl frp bypass

Now we’ve to select the email provider.

Select the second option i.e “Other”.

Enter any Email ID in the Email Address field.


how to bypass google account on lg rebel 4

The “MANUAL SETUP” option is enabled. Select it.

Select the Account Type as “Microsoft Exchange” and hit “NEXT”.

This takes us to the “Server Settings” Page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and “Add” a Client Certificate.

how to bypass google lock on lg rebel 4

It says to change the screen lock to a secure one. Tap “CHANGE” to do the needful.

Select any of the options among Pattern, PIN and Password.  Note it down as its needed afterward.

lg rebel 4 frp bypass without computer

I’ve chosen the PIN option.

After setting the PIN, it says “No certificates found”. It’s fine.

bypass google account on lg rebel 4

Now we’ve to reboot out LG Rebel 4.

Long-Press the power key located at the back of the phone.

Select “Power off and restart” and then “RESTART” to reboot the phone.

Once again we are on the Welcome screen.

Use the “Forward Arrow” to move ahead.

lg rebel 4 frp bypass apk

Tap “NEXT” on the internet settings page.

Select “Set up as new” and enter the Screen lock PIN, pattern or password that you set earlier when prompted.

lg lml211bl google bypass

Now we are at the Google Sign-in page.

Notice the “Skip” option located at the bottom-left corner. Select it.

A pop-up appears to confirm your action. Again select “Skip” to proceed further.

Now keep on following the On-Screen Prompts.

Hit “NEXT” on the Name Page.



lg lml211bl bypass google account

Accept the Google Services Terms and conditions by hitting, “MORE”, “MORE” then “ACCEPT”.

lg lml211bl frp bypass without computer

On the Legal Documents Page, Click on the checkbox which says “I Agree”.

Finally, Tap “DONE” to finish the setup wizard and land on the Rebel 4 Home Screen.

We have successfully bypassed the Google Verification Screen on LG Rebel 4.


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  1. Hello, I am having trouble with this. When I go into accessibility there is no Services: Select to Speak or Switch Access. Is there a way to reload the firmware so that I have that OS?

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