LG LM-X210CM FRP Bypass Google Account LG Fortune 2 – 2019 2020

Fortune 2 was released in April 2018. A new Fortune model is long due. It’s 2020 and still, there is no news regarding the LG Fortune 3 release.

In this post, we are going to bypass the google verification screen on LG Fortune 2 using the latest and easiest method. Using this method you can bypass FRP on your Fortune 2 without using a computer. It even doesn’t involve any app installation.

In a few minutes, you’ll be able to reuse your phone. Follow the step by step tutorial with screenshots to bypass Google Lock on your LM-X210CM Fortune 2 –


How to Bypass Google Verification on LG Fortune 2 LM-X210CM

lg lm-x210cm frp bypass

We’ve to bypass the above Google Verification screen on LG Fortune 2. It comes into effect when we reset the phone using hard keys i.e volume down and power button.

First of all, go back from this screen to the Welcome Screen of the setup wizard using the back button.

LG Fortune 2 FRP Bypass

Now, we are on the Welcome screen of the setup wizard.

Tap “Accessibility”, a pop-up would appear. Select “SETTINGS” to get access to the Accessibility Settings Page.

how to bypass google verification on lg fortune 2

Look for “Switch Access” which is the 2nd last option on the Accessibility Page and select this option.

Now we are on the “Switch Access” page.  Click “SETTINGS” located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

lg fortune 2 google bypass

On the “Switch Access Settings” page, select the first option i.e “Help & Feedback”.

Again select the first option on the “Support” page, which is “About Switch Access for Android”.

lg fortune 2 bypass google account

Look for the Youtube Video window and tap on it, as shown above.

A “3 dot” icon would appear at the top-right corner as shown above. Hit this icon.

FRP Bypass LG Fortune 2

Now there are 2 options on the screen, Watch Later and Share, we’ve to select the “Share” option.

Tap the “3 dots” icon as shown above. It’ll take us to the Youtube App.


LG Fortune 2 Cricket FRP Bypass

Again tap “Share” when the youtube app opens.

Choose “Email” among the listed options.

lg lmx210cm bypass google account

Give access to email app by tapping “ALLOW” as shown above.


lm-x210cm google bypass

Repeat the previous steps once again.

Again click “Share” then “Email” as visible in the screenshots above.

lg lmx210cm frp bypass

Now we’re in the Email app.

Among the listed Email Providers, select “Other”

In the Email address field, add any email address just to highlight the “MANUAL SETUP” option.

lg lmx210cm frp bypass

I’ve added 1@aol.com as the email address and the “MANUAL SETUP” option is enabled.

Select “MANUAL SETUP” then “Microsoft Exchange” on the next page. Tap “NEXT” to proceed further.

bypass google lock lg fortune 2

On this “Server Settings” page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for “Client certificate”

Tap “Add” to add a Client Certificate.

lg fortune 2 frp bypass 2019

Before adding the Certificate, we’ve to set a secure screen lock.

Tap “CHANGE” to add a screen lock.

We can set an easy to remember PIN, Pattern or Password as the screen lock.

lg fortune 2 frp bypass 2020

I’ve set a 4 digit PIN lock. You can set any lock which is easy to remember such as 1234 or 0000  etc.

Just remember it as we need to enter in the later steps.

lg fortune 2 lock screen bypass


Now a pop-up appears on the screen which says “No certificates found”. It’s fine.

At this step,  we’ve to restart our LG Fortune 2.


google bypass lg fortune 2

Long-Press the Power button located at the back of the phone.

2 options would appear on the screen. Select “Power off and restart” to reboot the phone as shown above.

how to bypass google lock on lg fortune 2

We are again on the Welcome screen of the Setup Wizard.

Tap the “Forward Arrow” as shown above.

“SKIP” the insert SIM card screen if it appears.

lg fortune 2 frp bypass apk

Select “Set up as new”

To proceed further, enter the screen lock we just added a few steps ago.


google bypass lg fortune 2

You can see we’re again on a Google Sign-in screen but there’s a little difference. This time we get an option to “Skip” as shown above. (You can also sign in with any of your Google accounts).

Again tap “Skip” to skip the account setup.

bypass google account lg fortune 2

Now follow the on-screen prompts to proceed further.

Tap “NEXT” then “MORE” to move ahead.


lmx210cm frp

“ACCEPT” Google services terms and conditions as shown above.

frp bypass lm-x210cm

Finally, we’re on the Legal Documents Page. Tick the respective checkboxes and hit “DONE” to finish the setup wizard.

LG Fortune 2 bypassed FRP Google Account

We’ve successfully bypassed the Google Verification screen on LG Fortune 2 LM-X210CM.

If you wish, you can reset your phone at this point.

Pull down the notification bar and select the “Settings” icon.

lg lmx210cm frp

Choose the “General” tab and select the 2nd last option i.e “Reset” as shown above.

Now select “Factory data reset”.

google lock bypass lmx210cm

Tap “RESET PHONE” < “Delete all”  < “RESET” to initiate the Factory Data Reset.


lmx-210cm google unlock


You’ll be again on the Welcome Screen of the setup wizard. Just follow the on-screen prompts to finish the setup wizard.

The Factory data reset is completely optional. If you wish you can start using the phone right away after the Bypass. Just remember or change the lock screen password as per your requirement.

For any query or feedback, please leave a comment below.






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