LG Journey FRP Bypass 2020 Google Account No PC – L322DL Tracfone

LG Journey L322DL is the latest entrant in the Tracfone budget Android smartphone series. Along with Tracfone, it’s available for Straight Talk, Walmart Family Mobile, Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Net10 & Telcel.

Have you ever wondered, what would happen if you forget the screen lock on your LG Journey? You are left with 2 options in this case.

You can either restore your phone by signing in with your last synced google account (on this particular device) or reset the phone via Recovery Mode (Volume Down + Power Button).

The bad news is that after doing a reset via recovery mode, it will again ask for the last-synced google account.



LG Journey FRP Bypass

If you reset your LG Journey using the hard keys (Volume Down & Power Key), you have to pass through the above google verification screen. It’s also called Google’s Factory Reset Protection or FRP.

If you don’t remember the last synced Google account details, then the only option left is to bypass this screen with a certain hack. In this post, we are going to bypass the Google verification screen on LG Journey using the latest and the easiest method.

In no time, you’ll be able to use your phone once again. So, Let’s get going –

How to bypass Google Verification on LG Journey L322DL – Tracfone, Straight Talk, Total Wireless, Walmart Family Mobile, Net10 & Telcel

First of all, go back from the Google verification screen to the first “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard.

LG Journey Google Bypass

We have come back from the Google Verification screen to the first screen of the setup wizard.

Click on “Accessibility”.

A confirmation pop-up would appear. Select “SETTINGS” as shown above.

On the “Accessibility” page, select “Switch Access” which is the last option.

LG L322DL FRP Bypass

This takes us to the “Switch Access” page.  Tap “SETTINGS” at the bottom-right corner.

Now we are on the “Switch Access Settings” page.

Select the first option “Help & Feedback”

On the next page, again select the first option “About Switch Access for Android”.

LGL322DL FRP Bypass


On the new page, there is a Youtube Video about Switch access. Tap on the video.

A menu icon with “3 dots” would appear at the right-hand top. Select this icon.

Now we get 2 options – “Watch Later” and “Share”.

Select “Share” to proceed further.


FRP Bypass LG Journey

Tap on the “Youtube link” or “3 dots icon” as shown above.

This will open the Youtube app.

On the youtube page, below the video, look for “Share” and click on it.

Among the listed sharing mediums, select “Email”.


LG Journey Tracfone FRP Bypass

Give access to the Email app. When prompted, tap “ALLOW”.

Repeat the previous steps once again.

Click on “Share” & then “Email”.

LG Journey Google Account Bypass

Select the email provider as “Other”.

On the “Other email” page, add any email id to enable the “MANUAL SETUP” option.

Now select “MANUAL SETUP”.

How to bypass google verification on lg journey

Select the account type as “Microsoft Exchange” and tap “NEXT”.

This time we are on the “Server settings” page.  At the bottom of the page, you’ll find an option “Client Certificate”.

Tap “Add” to add a certificate.

A pop-up appears, which says we need to change the screen lock to add a certificate.

Tap “CHANGE” to add a screen lock.

lg l322dl google bypass

W can set a Pattern, PIN or Password as screen lock.

Set an easy to remember lock and note it down. We will need it later.

I’m settings up a PIN lock on my LG Journey.

lg journey bypass google account

After adding the lock, it says “No certificates found”. That’s fine.

The next step is to restart out LG Journey smartphone.

Long-Press the Power button and select “Power off and restart” as shown above.

Bypass Google Verification LG Journey

When the phone boots again we’ve to use the “Forward Arrow” to proceed further.

On the “Copy apps and data” page, tap “DON’T COPY”.

LG Journey FRP Bypass 2020

Now enter the screen lock PIN, pattern or password we set in the earlier step.

It takes us to the Google sign-in page.  Here we get a “Skip” option on the bottom-left corner. Select this option.

When a pop-up appears again select “Skip” as shown above.

LG Journey FRP Bypass no pc

Now accept the Google Services terms and conditions.

The final page is the “Legal documents” page. Tick the “I agree” checkbox as shown above and hit Done.

This completes the setup wizard and takes us to the LG Journey home screen thus bypassing Google account.



LG Jouney FRP Bypass 2020 no pc

We’ve successfully bypassed the FRP / Google account / Google Verification on LG Journey.

For any query or feedback, please leave a comment below.


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  1. I got as far as the “Add” button for the client certificate. Once I pressed Add, it brought me to a page showing me the internal storage of the phone. I’m kinda stuck at that point. Idk what to do from here. This stupid phone is got me locked out and I just wanna get it wiped so I can actually use it. Suggestions?

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