LG Fortune 2 Hidden Menu & Secret Codes – LM-X210CM

There are lots of secret dialer codes for LG Fortune 2. Each code reveals a Secret Menu. In total there are 6 secret codes for Fortune 2 LM-X210CM.

The most significant menu is the Hidden Menu. It can be used to perform various device tests related to Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Ringer, Vibrator, Sensors, Touchscreen, Sim Card Slot, Memory Card Slot, Battery, Display, Camera, FM Radio, USB OTG, etc.

Let’s check out all the Fortune 2 dialer codes starting with the Hidden Menu –

LG Fortune 2 Secret Codes – LMX210CM

LG Fortune 2 Dialer Codes

To enter every secret code we’ve to use the LG Fortune 2 Phone Dialer located on the Home Screen as shown above.

1. LG Fortune 2 Hidden Menu Code

LM-X210CM Hidden Menu Code


To get access to fortune 2 hidden menu, open your phone dialer and dial *#546368#*210# 


LG Fortune 2 Hidden Menu Device Test

There are 4 Options in the LG Fortune 2 Hidden Menu as visible in the above screenshot. The options are Device Test, ORT Test, SVC Menu & Field Test.

We are going to deal with each of them one by one, starting with the Device Test.

Go to Device Test < SAAT < Service Menu – Manual Test.

The first test in the Device test list is Auto Detecting Item Test.

a. Auto Detecting Item Test

hidden menu for lmx210cm

Inset the SIM Card and Micro SD card in their respective slots before doing this test. You can check out the test result in the above screenshot.

To skip this test (if stuck), press the 3 hard keys together i.e. Volume Down, Volume UP & Power Button.

b. Key Press Test

fortune 2 key press test

The Key Press Test deals with the Hard Keys and Proximity Sensor.

Press Volume Rocker and Power Button to test their functioning.

Proximity Senor can be tested by blocking and unblocking the sensor as per the instructions.

c. Display Check Test

fortune 2 display check test

Test your Fortune 2 LCD using this test. The screen is turned completely black and then white during this test.

d. Ring Test

lg fortune 2 ring test

If your External Loudspeaker is not working you can use this test for troubleshooting.

During this test, the Phone Ringer is activated at the highest volume.

e. Vibrator Test

vibrator test lg fortune 2

Similar to Ringer Test, the Vibrator test can be used to troubleshoot your Fortune 2 vibrator.

f. Motion Sensor Test

motion sensor test lg fortune 2

Motion Sensor Test covers the Magnetometer, Accelerometer & Gyroscope Sensor.

We’ve to place the phone in different positions during this test.

First, put your Fortune 2 on a flat surface.



motion sensor test lmx210cm

Then, stand the phone vertically and finally in the horizontal position.

g. Loopback Test

loopback test fortune 2

The loopback between audio from earphones and external speakers is covered in this test.

When one is turned on the other turns off automatically.

lg fortune 2 loopback test

When AUDIO is ON, the SPEAKER turns OFF and vice versa.

h. GPS / BT / Wifi Test

LG Fortune 2 GPS / BT / Wifi Test

You can troubleshoot Wifi, Bluetooth & GPS related issues on your Fortune 2 using this test.

i. Touch Draw Test – Manual

LG Fortune 2 Touch Draw Test

The Fortune 2 Touch Panel is tested during this device test.

It includes an automatic as well as manual touch draw test.

Touch Draw Test LG Fortune 2

We have to draw on the screen to check out the proper functioning of the touchscreen digitizer.

j. Camera(Main) Test

LG Fortune 2 Camera Main Test

During this test, an image is captured using the rear camera. We’ve to verify the picture to test out the Main Camera.

k. Camcorder Test

Camcorder test LG Fortune 2

There is a separate test for the Camcorder. Record a video using the Rear Camera and verify it to clear this test.

l. Camera(VT) Test

Camera VT test Fortune 2

The 3rd and the final Camera test is the Camera(VT) Test. During this test, the Front Viewfinder is visible. There is no provision to capture an image during this test.

m. FM Radio Test

LG Fortune 2 FM Radio Test

Insert an Earphone is the Headphone Jack of your LG Fortune 2 to perform the FM Radio Test.

n. OTG Test

LG Fortune 2 OTG test

We need an OTG adapter to do this test.

Connect a Pendrive to your Fortune 2 via USB OTG Adapter before starting this test.


LG Fortune 2 ORT Test

The second test in the LG Fortune 2 Hidden Menu is the ORT Test.

Let’s check out the Manual Mode of the ORT Test.

a. Display On/Off Test

LG Fortune 2 Display Test

As the name suggests, during this test the LCD backlight keeps on turning on and off.

b. Display Pattern Test

Display Patter Test LG Fortune 2

Set the time duration before performing the Display Pattern Test. You can refer to the above screenshots.

c. Rest of the ORT Tests

LG Fortune 2 ORT Test List

This is the test list of the remaining ORT tests. They are more or less similar to the tests performed earlier. I’m skipping these tests.

SVC Menu

SVC Menu LG Fortune 2

The 3rd option in the Hidden Menu is the SVC Menu.

The above screenshot shows the list of tests under the SVC Menu.

Field Test

Field Test LG Fortune 2

The last option in the Fortune 2 Hidden Menu is the Field Test. This may come in handy during network-related troubleshooting. The Field Test options are listed above.

2. LG Fortune 2 IMEI Code

LG Fortune 2 IMEI Code

After the Hidden Menu, the second Fortune 2 secret code reveals the Phone IMEI number.

Dial *#06# to know your Fortune 2 IMEI.

3. LG Fortune 2 Testing Code

LG Fortune 2 Testing Code

The 3rd secret code reveals the Testing Menu.

The dialer code for this menu is *#*#4636#*#*

4. LG Fortune 2 RLZ Debug UI Code

LG Fortune 2 RLZ Debug UI Code

The 4th Fortune 2 secret code reveals RLZ Debug UI.

Open your phone dialer and dial *#*#759#*#* to get access to this menu.

5. LG Fortune 2 Google Play Services Code

LG Fortune 2 Google Play Services Code

The next Secret Code shows the Google Play Services FCM Diagnostics data.

The dialer code is *#*#426#*#*

6. LG Fortune 2 Calendar Info Code

LG Fortune 2 Calendar Info Code

The last secret code for Fortune 2 shows the Calendar Info

Dial *#*#225#*#* to view your Calendar Info on your Fortune 2 device.


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