LG Stylo 3 Plus Custom ROM – Lineage OS, AOKP, AICP, RR & Incipient OS Installation Guide + Review

LG Stylo 3 Plus AOKP (64-bit) Custom ROM

The last 2 ROMs which we’re going to install are AOKP and Incipient OS. Both of these are 64-bit ROM and for these, we need to flash 64-bit TWRP as well as arm64 Google Apps Package

AOKP Custom ROM zip file – AOKP ROM is also made possible for LG Stylo 3 plus with the hard work done by cospalet@xda. AOKP stands for Android Open Kang Project. You can download the ROM from the link below


TWRP 64-bit Recovery Image File –  Flash the 64-bit TWRP recovery file with help of LG Stylo 3 Plus TWRP Flashing Tutorial. Download the TWRP file from below link.


Google Apps arm64 Package –  We need to download a different Google Apps package (arm64) for AOKP and Incipient OS. You can get it from below link



LG Stylo 3 AOKP Custom ROM

You can see, the TWRP version of 64-bit TWRP is 3.2.1, which was 3.2.3 in case of 32-bit TWRP

Just like Lineage OS, first we’ve to wipe cache and then install the aokp.zip file which is “aokp_sf340n_nougat_unofficial_2018-07-19_1322.zip”

Stylo 3 AOKP ROM installation

Once the installation is successful, install “open_gapps-arm64-7.1-pico-20190317.zip” file as shown above.

Finally, flash the “Magisk-v18.1.zip” file and Reboot phone.

AOKP LG Stylo 3 Plus

AOKP ROM comes with 3 types of launchers. The one you see in the screenshots above is “Lean Launcher”


The above screenshot is of  Pixel Launcher.

AOKP custom rom for LG Stylo 3

This is the default Lineage OS launcher i.e “Trebuchet Launcher”.

AOKP  – Performance & Features 

Similar to previously installed Custom ROMs, AOKP doesn’t support NFC and VoLTE. The rest of the features seems to work fine.

LG Stylo 3 AOKP Geekbench Antutu

Above are the Antutu and Geekbench Benchmark scores for AOKP ROM. AOKP scores highest in both the benchmark tests, when compared to other Custom ROMs as well as Stock ROM.

Below are the Antutu and Geekbench results of Stock ROM.


LG Stylo 3 MetroPCS Geekbench Antutu

To know how the features of AOKP and how well it works on Stylo 3 Plus, check the below video


LG Stylo 3 Plus Incipient OS  (64-bit) Custom ROM


Incipient OS Custom ROM zip file–  Incipient OS for LG Stylo 3 Plus is made possible by CaptivateKing@xda. Similar to AOKP this is a 64-bit ROM. Download the ROM from the link below –


TWRP 64-bit Recovery Image File – If you’ve not yet installed the 64-bit TWRP on you Stylo 3 Plus, get it from below link


arm64 Google Apps Package – This is the same arm64 Google apps package which was flashed for AOKP.  Download it now if not yet downloaded.


LG STYLO 3 PLus Incipient OS

SImilar to AOKP, Wipe cache and install the zip file of custom ROM which is “IncipientOS-7.1.2-20180901-sf340n.zip”


Incipient OS LG Stylo 3

Now flash “open_gapps-arm64-7.1-pico-20190317.zip” google apps package and later “Magisk-v18.1.zip” file.

LG Stylo 3 Incipient OS

The incipient OS comes with 2 types of Launchers. The above one is the “Lean Launcher”

Incipient OS ROM Stylo 3

This is Pixel Launcher as seen in the previous custom ROMs.


LG Stylo 3 Incipient OS Geekbench Scores

The first Benchmark result on the left belongs to Incipient OS.

As compared to the Benchmark score of Stock ROM, the Multi-Core score of Incipient OS (2091) is much lower.

Incipient OS Antutu 3DBench

I was unable to do the Antutu Benchmark test as I was unable to install “Antut 3DBench” from the Play Store.

Incipient OS Antutu Benchmark not working

Even with the direct installation of apk file, the app hanged at one point.


Check out the features of Incipient OS while running on LG Stylo 3 Plus with the help of below youtube video

CONCLUSION:  Out fo all 5 Custom ROMs, I liked Resurrection Remix the most and Lineage OS comes next. The 64-bit ROMs (AOKP & Incipient OS) were not very fluid in operation. AICP is out of the question as it missed many of the essential phone features.


For any query or suggestion, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Thanks for posting this detailed list of ROMs. Sadly, I use G pay all the time. Maybe that’ll get fixed at some point. I hope that I can get to Android Pie with a future update.

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