LG Stylo 3 Plus MP450 Stock ROM/Firmware Update Download KDZ

In this post, we’re going to restore a bricked LG Stylo 3 Plus MetroPCS MP450 back to the normal working state. It can be done quite easily with this detailed step by step tutorial with screenshots.

You can also use this guide to Unroot your Stylo 3 plus back to factory state for warranty reasons or just to upgrade your phone’s firmware. So, let’s proceed with the Tutorial –

How to Unbrick & Restore LG Stylo 3 Plus MetroPCS MP450

Step 1: Download & Extract the zip file

First of all, we’ve to download the zip file from the below download link. It contains all the necessary files required for flashing.


The above zip file contains –

  1. LG Mobile USB Driver Windows setup file
  2. LGUP Store Version 1.14.3 Windows setup file
  3. MP45010f_00_0205.kdz stock firmware file
  4. UPPERCUT – It works as LG Stylo 3 Plus DLL file. It aids in the detection of Stylo 3 Plus by LGUP in the Download Mode. Without Uppercut LGUP won’t recognize the connected phone. Thanks to autoprime@xda for making this awesome tool.

Step 2: Install LG Mobile Driver and LGUP on your computer

If you’ve not yet installed the LG Stylo 3 Plus Drivers on your PC, run the setup file to proceed with the LG Mobile Driver Installation.

LG Stylo 3 Plus Download Mode Driver

Double click on the “LGMobileDriver_WHQL_Ver_4.2.0.exe” setup file to install it.

LG Stylo 3 Plus Driver Installation

Finish the LG Mobile Driver installation. It’ll take a while.

LG Stylo 3 Plus LGUP Store Ver 1.14

Next, we’re going to install the LGUP Flashing software.

Double click on the setup file “LGUP_Store_Ver_1_14_3.msi” to start the installation process.

LG Stylo 3 Plus LGUP Installation

Finish the installation, but don’t run LGUP yet.

Step 3: Connect your Stylo 3 Plus to PC in Download Mode & wait for the drivers to install

To flash the stock firmware, we’ve to boot the phone in Download Mode.

To enter download mode –

LG Stylo 3 Plus Download Mode to Unbrick

Turn OFF your Stylo 3 Plus.

Connect one end of a USB data cable to the phone.

Press the Volume UP Button as shown above.

LG Stylo3 Plus connect to PC in Download Mode

Keep the Volume UP key pressed & connect the other end of the USB data cable to the computer.



LG Stylo 3 Plus Download Mode Firmware Update

The phone should be now in Download Mode as shown in the screenshot above.

LG Stylo 3 Plus USB serial port driver installation

The driver installation will initiate on it own.

Wait for the drivers to install.

LG Stylo 3 Plus USB Mode & US Serial Port Driver Installation

You can notice the LGE AndroidNet USB Modem & LGE AndroidNet USB Serial Port drivers are installed successfully.

So, now we can proceed with the flashing process.

Step 4: Load LGUP Flashing tool using Uppercut

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LG Stylo 3 Plus FRP Bypass Google Account MP450 TP450 2019

Bypassing a google account on LG Stylo 3 devices from Boost Mobile & Cricket is easier and similar to other LG models running on Android Nougat. However, none of those methods work on Stylo 3 plus from MetroPCS and T-Mobile.

To bypass Google account on LG Stylo 3 plus we need to pair it with a Bluetooth device. So, keep your Bluetooth headset handy before heading towards the tutorial.

The process is lengthy but it’s a sure shot method and the step by step tutorial with screenshots will make the process easier.

The whole process can be divided into 6 parts. Let’s proceed to bypass google account on LG Stylo 3 Plus –

How to Bypass Google Account on LG Stylo 3 Plus MetroPCS & T Mobile 2018

Step 1:  Getting access to Phone Settings

Since, Android Lollipop, when doing factory data reset using volume down + power button (via recovery mode), we need to verify the last synced google account as a security measure to complete the factory reset process.

You can see that I’ve done a hard reset via recovery mode and I’m on the welcome screen of the setup wizard.

I’ve connected my phone to the Wifi network to proceed further.

lg stylo 3 plus verify your google account

You can see, I’m stuck on google verification page with this message “This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.”

So, in case you’ve forgotten your Google account details then follow the steps below to bypass this Google’s Factory Reset Protection ( FRP) screen.

Let’s begin the process by going back to the Welcome screen of the setup wizard and tap on “Accessibility” as shown above.

stylo 3 plus mp450 google bypass

In Accessibility, click on the first option i.e Vision and turn ON Talkback by sliding the toggle to ON position.

lgmp450 frp bypass

Now that talkback is ON, make an L on screen as shown above.

A “Global Context Menu” pop-up would appear.

Double tap on “Talkback Settings” to open it.


lgtp450 frp bypass

Now when we’re on “Talkback Settings” page, we would suspend talkback by pressing both Volume UP & Down keys simultaneously. Double tap on “OK” to suspend talkback.

On “Talkback Settings” page, scroll down and open “Help & feedback”

Now select “About Switch Access for Android”.

lg mp450 metropcs google account bypass

Scroll down and look for the youtube video as shown above.

Tap on the share button marked with the red arrow, this way we would land to the youtube app.

Again tap on share icon on the top right corner.

lg tp450 t-mobile frp bypass

Among the list of options, tap on Gmail

In Gmail app, we’ve to add an email account other than Google, it can be yahoo mail, Hotmail etc.

To do this click on “Add an email address” as shown above.

google verification bypass mp450

I’ve added my yahoo mail account.

lgtp450 google bypass

As  the yahoo mail account is added, click on “TAKE ME TO GMAIL”

Now, Tap on the “3 dots” icon on the right-hand top corner & select “Settings”


lg stylo 3 plus bypass google account

Again tap on the “3 dots” icon, then “Manage accounts” and finally “CONTINUE” to land to the Settings app.

Step 2:  Disabling Google Play Services and Pairing with a Bluetooth Headset

lg mp450 google account

In “Settings”, select “General tab and open “Fingerprints & Security”

Now look for “Phone administrators” and open it.

We’ve to Deactivate the “Android Device Manager”.

Tap on “DEACTIVATE” and when its OFF go 2 steps back to the Main Settings page.

lg stylo 3 plus latest frp bypass

Now open “Apps”. Scroll down and look for “Google Play Services”

We’ve to “Force Stop” and “Disable” Google Play Services.

Tap on “Disable” and confirm the action.

Now select “Force Stop” and do the same.

Again go 2 steps back to the Main Settings Page.

bypassing google account on stylo 3 plus with bluetooth headset

This time we need to pair a Bluetooth Headset with our LG Stylo 3 Plus.


lg stylo 3 plus bluetooth pairing for google bypass

Turn on your Bluetooth headset and Pair it with your Stylo 3 Plus.

I’ve paired my Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-111 as shown above.


Once paired, restart the phone.

Step 3: Launching Maps using Bluetooth headset voice command & once again getting access to phone settings

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